Monday, 18 March 2013

Natural dyes

Prompted by a competition I'm  entering I've decided I'm going to try dyeing an arran knit jumper I have felted with natural dyes. Being that the competition is focused on sustainablity and eco-freindly design. After a little research I was shocked at how bad the waste from acid and procian dyes are for our planet! - and I use them all the time.
SO.. when I decided on natural dyeing I looked into what dyes what which colour to try and match up with my colour pallette.

Strawberries and Raspberries - Pink

Blueberries - Blue

Coffee - Beige/Brown

Red cabbage - Blue

I now need to fill the pans of fruit with water. (1 part fruit and 2 parts water). Bringing to the boil, simmering for 40 minutes and leaving overnight to soak.

I'll follow up what happens tommorow :)

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