Saturday, 26 January 2013

Interview catch up.

So it's been awhile since my interview with Hand and Lock for a short internship over Easter, and if you were wondering how it went...

It was amazing, I got great feedback on my work and secured my internship. This has been a much needed confidence boost for me. Jess said my work was really inovative, my embroidery well exacuted and the fact I'm researching and applying specialist embroidery techniques to my work is fantastic.

I also gathered some fabrics from a range of shops in Soho, (featured in picture above) just to give myself some further knoledge on fabrics available and to push work above the limatations of the college shop.
I also visited a variety of great exhibitions something I will post about abit later on, so watch this space:)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Lovely Little Find

As I'm doing the hand and lock competition I will have to produce a garment to go down the runway should I get that far, so I have started to think about this now. On a visit to Pickering over Christmas I found this a lovely vintage night gown, the quality of the cotton is amazing and it will hold print and embroidery perfectly. A perfect canvas in the shape of a dress, can't wait to get working on it.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Disertation done!

Disertation finally handed in, and although I really did enjoy researching it I am glad its over so I can now fully concentrate on my Final Major Project, Degree show planning and on going proffesional practice. SO well done me.. :) yahhh

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Interview with Hand and Lock

I must admit I'm feeling rather guilty looking back at my blog for this academic year and how I have neglected it, but onwards and upwards! And with a new start for 2013 I WILL become a regular blogger sharing my ideas and recording the progress of my Final Major Project, and generally what I'm getting up to.

Starting with....

An interview secured with Hand & Lock who pride themselves on being the 'worlds finest producers of embroidery since 1767' (a company I previously mentioned for the Hand & Lock embroidery competition I will be entering my work from this project.) The interview will hopefully land me a work placement for a few weeks with the company which could be amazing, Hand and Lock work with all forms of the highest class of embroidery from Couture fashion to Military embroidery. So overall very excited and nervous both at the same time.

A link to the Hand and Lock website if you were interested?