Wednesday, 20 March 2013

ECO - freindly designer ?

My natural dyes have achieved perfect results, the colours are so lovely they make me want to CRY!
After soaking the berries and vegetables for 24 hours I sieved them to get rid of all the mushy fruit. I then had a practice with cold dyeing and heating the pans back up, even mixing the liquids together.
I really enjoyed the process and thinking about growing my own vegetables, fruits and plants that will dye fabric naturally to have a stock of natural dyes more readily available. I'm all for saving the environment and I think this could add that little bit more to my contribution.

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  1. These are gorgeous Sacha! I've always wanted to have a go at this but as I'm not a dyer, didn't want to waste the fruit just for the sake of having a go. They're so beautiful I might do it in the summer & just FIND something to use them for haha.