Friday, 7 December 2012


My moodboard and source of inspiration for the project, all images have been taken from Bloom magazine.

Final Major Project


So I haven't posted in awhile and I'm deciding not to pick up where i left off and just start again from where i am now, starting my Final Major project.

I am basing my project around entering the hand and lock brief, which is the embroidery competition to enter and I'm getting excited about this. After reading the brief I took William Shakespeare as a point of reference, more specifically the dialogue between Hamlet and Ophelia in act 3 scene 1 of the play. I intend to explore the suppression of Ophelia, this evokes beautiful imagery if water filled lily ponds, stately homes and gardens, natural decay and of course the female form.

This project is a little off what i would normally do, very feminine and romantic but I'm excited to get started and think this concept could be the start of an exquisite collection.