Tuesday, 5 February 2013


So this week has started with a burst of inspiration, prompted by two excellent lectures I was lucky enough to receive last week. The first by Alison Willoughby, who lectured about herself and her work and I received a one to one portfolio tutorial with her. She is an amazing person who  is able to translate her perception of beauty into magnificent skirts, both wearable and beautiful enough to be put on the wall as a piece of art. The second was by one of my tutors Claire Baker, who presented a very inspiring PowerPoint on embroidery; showing historical and contemporary stitch. She brought across all ranges of embroidery and what can be perceived as embroidery, from delicate and breathtaking to extravagant and bold. We were then lucky enough to get a closer look at her work which she brought in for us, I was shocked at her modesty as her embroidery is breathtaking.  The layout and stylisation of her designs is fabulous, even without the impeccable stitch its created from. Claire also has an exhibition coming up so I would check out her blog and get details for that :).

After feeling so inspired I think my embroidery tin is in need of a good tidy up so I can get started.




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